I graduated & got an AeroPress

Tuesday, June 5 was a few Tuesdays ago. It was the Tuesday I was handed a very expensive piece of paper that claims I am qualified to work in communications for any kind of organization that chooses to hire me. 

For the first time since high school, I am a graduate. Look, Mom! I finished something! 

As I was going through Instagram the days following the ceremony, I felt proud of my colleagues because we did something huge. Creative Communications (CreComm for short) is a diploma that believes with all certainty it is a Master's degree. We have to do what is essentially a thesis in our second year while balancing seven courses at a time. I'm not going to go into how little I slept or how stressed out I was because I will sound just like any post-secondary student out there. I'm also not going to sh*t on the program because it taught me invaluable skills, the main one being time management and the second being font choices are everything (comic sans = never okay). 

What I will say is I gained a wicked dark sense of humour for all things journalism, Instagram feeds, and advertising.

I met some really cool people and I hope we stay in touch.

At the same time, I didn't feel like it was that big a deal for me. Maybe I'm just not sentimental and dislike wearing hats that ruin my new bangs and don't breathe whatsoever. I got a new piece of paper. Who cares?

I got a job, which was really the goal of going back to school after I stopped acting. And, you know what? My job is pretty great and it's leading me down a career path I am proud of.

My boyfriend bought me an AeroPress to keep in my office and it is DOPE. Seriously, my dudes, it is the cup of coffee of your dreeeeeeeams. You didn't think I was going to blog about my life without including coffee, did you?

This is what a video about how an AeroPress works (I didn't make it):

AeroPress is super easy to use (as you can see), it has virtually no coffee grinds in it ever, and is perfect for office use. The only downside is it makes one cup of coffee at a time. You also need to make sure you clean it ASAP so it doesn't wear faster over time. I do declare it is my favourite method of making a single cup of coffee. 

 Anyways, let's get back to the thesis statement of this blog post. If you are in college, or CreComm, or university, or firefighting school, or finishing your PhD. in who-knows-what, I just want to say that it seems like there will not be a payoff, and your blood pressure got higher for no reason (true story lol), and you're going to be drowning in debt until you're middle-aged, but I promise it will be okay. And you probably will only be drowning in debt for a little while. 

You might roll your eyes when your uni friends talk about how stressed they are about their one paper due in two weeks, but that's okay. 

You did it. Or you're doing it.