Miss Browns

This post originally appeared on 204 Coffee on October 26, 2017.

Miss Browns lives at 288 William Avenue in the beautiful Exchange District. It's about a stone's throw away from my school, which means it's the closest choice if I need to pick up coffee between classes (I mean, I could go to Tim Horton's, but why would I do that?).



I don't usually go to Miss Brown's to grab a coffee. I'm not sure why I don't go more often. I try to save a buck and bring it from home, with the exception of my blog post days. Miss Browns coffee is strong. I wouldn't expect anything less from an establishment that smokes their own meat. Side note: their food menu is INSAAAAAAAANE. My go-to's are the veggie sandwich, the Belgian waffle, or the brekkie bagel.

The blend in the hopper is Detour Coffee Roasters Punch Buggy Espresso. The home page of their website says their mission is to "make sure nobody ever has to drink a bad cup of coffee again". Me too, friends. Me too.

The Punch Buggy is a real nice time. It's chocolatey, toasty, roasty, sweet, and dark. I ordered an Americano, and it had a crema that just didn't quit. I would highly recommend everyone goes there for coffee. I also hadn't seen or heard of Detour Coffee before I chatted with the barista about it.

The atmosphere is very nice. No matter how busy it is (and it gets to be crazy), the baristas always have a second to chit-chat with you. The restaurant smells like smoked meat so if you're not into that, be forewarned. Overall, it's warm and inviting and they prioritize hot sandwiches and strong coffee in their lives as much as I do, so Miss Browns is a win in my books.



Miss Browns is generally pretty busy, especially around lunchtime, so make sure you have a few minutes when you go. Ideally seven minutes, because good coffee takes time.

I'm going to make sure I go to Miss Browns tomorrow and pick up a hot sandwich and an Americano. You should, too.

Kristen Einarson